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What a girl wants from a guy ?

What a girl wants from a guy ?

- To feel protected, and taken care of.

- To have her man understand that men and women are different !
We don't think the same way, so both need to stop, take a breath, and regroup sometimes.

- To have his desires and wishes shared with her.

- Her own space when she needs it.

- Letting her to have fun with her friends.

- When she told you a secret, keep it safe and untold.

- Do not force her to do things.

- Appreciation ( that includes everything. What she have did for him especially. )

- Sharing thoughts and opinions ( especially feelings )

- Be honest and straight forward.

- Do not take things for granted.

- Accept her and love her for who she is. ( and show it )

- Do not raise his voice when talking to her, even when arguing.

- Let her shows her love.

- Sweet messages (sms) sometimes.

- Call her once a day at least to see what her up to.( makes she feels like he miss and care for her )

- Make she laughs.

- A guy with manners.

- Supportive guy.

- Can be her great friend.

- Care more about what she thinks than what she looks like.

- To forgive her for when she's in a bad mood and says something mean. ( ops ! )

- To hold her when she needs it.

- Respect her family, friends and even herself.

- A guy who will notice the little things.

- A guy who will tell her that she is beautiful when she's 80, old, and wrinkly and really mean it.